It is not surprising that many great artists are famous for their work. Different methods and techniques are what make them popular. There are many artists who try out newer techniques. There are many mixed media artists that experiment because it is fun. And the results are amazing. Mix media is so versatile that you can experiment with a variety of embellishments, mediums, and styles. Some artists grow tired of brushing their work and choose to use different tools, like a knife, pencil or crayon. This is an instrument that many people would not have even tried. However, kids do use it for making designs – learn more?

Wether you’re an artist in full or are studying fine art, it is essential to try out this new tool called thread. Yes! As we have already said, the majority of people would dip thread into ink and place it between two sheets and pull out the design. There is so much you can do with a little thread.

Thread painting is quick and easy. A painting can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes. You can save time and work with this technique. The acrylic or ink can either be used. You can draw abstracts or traditional arts. This is not a painting like the traditional one. The lines and strokes will be used to mimic the paint strokes. The painting can be filled in with many details just as a fine art painting would, but the style will remain abstract.

If you use the brush method, then you are limited to one stroke. However, with thread-painting, you have up to two strokes. There is a certain flexibility to thread painting. The thread you use will need to be wet. It will absorb the paint better than a dryer thread.