There are many different answers to this question, but the truth of the matter is that is one the most effective ways to both clean your carpets and make sure they stay cleaner.

No matter how good the equipment used by the cleaning company is, shampooing will leave behind a mark on your carpet. It’s believed that the only way to thoroughly clean carpets is with vapor cleaning. This is because the method penetrates deep into the carpeting fibers.

It is essential to understand how a vapor carpet cleaning system works. Water is heated within the unit and a cleaning product is then drawn right into the rug using special equipment or utilizing the stick. When you move across the carpet, you’re also sucked into the hot water and steam.

In general, the carpet takes between 12 to 24-hours to completely dry when you use the vapor-cleaning method. This is why it’s best done over night, while nobody else remains inside the building.

Be sure that your staff knows not to touch the carpet if it is damp. You could end up with a very dangerous situation.

It is because steam gets right down into the carpet fibers, where dirt hides.

After steam cleaning, your carpets will look like new.

To find the carpet cleaning company best suited for your building, do a little research. It is important to not have your carpets replaced because you used a substandard cleaning service.

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