You know them, the plastic wristband. You’ve seen them before, the little color loops around your wrist that make you look like a member of an exclusive group. The bands you choose will help make your event a success, whether it is at a music fest where the sound of bass fills the room or a business conference where new ideas flow faster than free pens.

How did these bands go from zero in event management to heroes? They were initially there only to determine who was eligible for entry and who was not. It’s pretty basic. The times, oh the changes! These wristbands are now like Swiss Army Knives. Not only are they smart, but also stylish.

Imagine: you go to a concert and, instead of having to carry around tickets and cash, the wristband acts as your pass and wallet. Want to get a tee shirt? You can buy a t-shirt by tapping your band. You can do it without a magic wand.

Another cool feature of wristbands is customization. It’s no longer a case of one size fits all. Today, it’s about making a fashion statement. Neon colors? Check. Glow-in-the-dark? Double-check. It’s up to you whether your band is loud or subtle.

And there’s much more! Each band is becoming greener. Mother Earth is giving us the stink eye for all our plastic sins. So event organizers use recyclable materials. Now, you don’t have to worry about your wristband hugging a tortoise.

What about that feeling of specialness? Who doesn’t love to feel part of a bigger group or tribe? As soon as you put that wristband on, you become more than just a Joe Schmo. You are part of the group. Belonging is good for you.

But no journey without dragons is complete. In this case it would be counterfeits or security issues. People, it’s time to face the real enemy: fake bands. You need not worry! Even event wizards can keep out the bad guys with holograms or secret codes.

There is also a lot of attention being paid to the accessibility issue. This is because everybody deserves to have fun, without having any discomfort.

Looking into the crystal-ball (or perhaps just using your common sense), you can tell that bands are becoming even more intelligent. Imagine you’re at an event, and you can use your band to not only get in but also connect you with others.

It’s short, because who enjoys reading long tales? The humble plastic wristbands of the past have evolved into something much more. Plastic wristbands have evolved from their humble beginnings to become a fashionable accessory and high-tech gadget that are indispensable for events of today.

The next time you see one of these bad boy wristbands, be sure to show your appreciation. This device is doing much more than it appears. This is a big change in the way people attend events. You might think it’s too small to wear on your wrist, but I assure you that its power is immense! The time.rself app is not paranoia. It’s commonsense wrapped in techno-savvy knowhow.

Who knows. Who knows? Stay safe until then in the wild West of the Internet!